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The Adaptronic ECU is the most advanced standalone ECU on the market for your Series 1 Mazda Rx-8. This unit is a complete plug and play standalone ecu that uses a short adapter harness to communicate with the OEM ECU. The OEM ECU communicates with the dash, drive by wire throttle body, immobilizer, abs, traction control, and stability systems. The Adaptronic gives you complete control over your fuel & ignition systems, and allows you to retain all OEM functions. This standalone ECU uses VE Tuning, Fully Automated Injection & Valve Staging, and Adaptive Closed Loop Self Tuning. Combine all of these advanced features plus many more listed below with bar non tech support, quality base maps & wiring schematics, and you will be on your path to a properly controlled and tuned engine!.

Adaptive Close Loop Self Tuning is a system designed by Adaptronic to not only trim the fuel & ignition maps, but automatically edit the base values, and perform ” self tuning “. The unit also does the same for idle control, and transient throttle( throttle response). See the YouTube video below for more information.

Volumetric Efficiency Tuning uses internal algorithms to deliver a more accurate & linear tune twice as fast as millisecond tuning by combining injector size, injector dead band timing, swept cylinder volume, and RPM to calculate engine fuel demands. Some ECU brands advertise VE tuning, but they aren’t compatible with staged injection found on the rotary engine.

Fully Automated Injector & Valve Staging means you never have to worry about tuning the injector transition again. This car be hard for novice tuners when there is a larger difference between primary and secondary injectors. No matter size injectors you have the Adaptronic does all of this flawlessly on its own. Furthermore you can control when your OEM intake valves operate, allowing the end user maximum control.

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