AEM Failsafe Wideband Gauge


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The 52mm Wideband FAILSAFE Gauge includes a Bosch 4.2LSU AFR wideband sensor for monitoring and feedback of AFR and an on-board boost sensor to read vacuum or boost pressures up to 29 PSIG. Both boost and AFR can be displayed in real time on the gauge’s face using the full color OLED screen and 24 three-color sweeping LEDs. The gauge includes a low side output for triggering a failsafe strategy in the event AFR falls outside of the operating window, and an RPM input to log RPM for tuning purposes. Kit comes with 6 different faceplates and black and silver bezels.

  • Black and White AFR in sweeping LEDs
  • Black and White Vacuum/Boost in sweeping LEDs
  • Black Vacuum only in sweeping LEDs
  • Black Lambda in sweeping LEDs


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