B58 Turbo Oil Adapter Fittings


B58 Aftermarket Turbo Fittings

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B58 fittings for after market Big turbo setup.  These fittings are specifically made to run -4AN, -6AN and -10AN lines and connects to the engine.


-4AN is use for the turbo oil feed

-6AN is use for the Coolant to the Turbo (You can get a -6AN plug along side with this fitting to block off the coolant passage on the engine).  However, you will need to find an alternate block off the 2nd coolant feed line that goes directly from the water pump if your turbo doesnt offer coolant cool setup.

-10AN is use for the Turbo oil return


These fittings can be purchased individually or as a set.

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-10AN, -4AN, -6AN, Complete Set


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