A’PEXi PowerFC and Commander kit for 93-95 Rx7


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The Power FC replaces the original Mazda computer completely and allows full control over fuel and ignition timing as well as cooling fans, rev limiterand more. This unit is not a “piggy back” device, it is a full stand alone system. The Power FC can be programmed through a laptop computer (with the FC-Datalogit sold below) or the “FC Commander”, a hand held keypad with a large display screen. You can use the FC-Datalogit or the FC Commander to program the Power Fc or to monitor engine sensors (air temp, water temp, RPM, boost pressure, knock sensor, oxygen sensor, voltage , injector duty…).

The entire installation of the ECU consists of unplugging the original ECU from the car and plugging in the Power FC. That’s IT! No other wiring is necessary. Unlike more complicated systems which require rewiring of the engine, this is a true “plug and play” solution. By upgrading to this, more advanced, engine computer you can experience improved driveability, increased reliability and more power. This upgrade really does offer the best of all worlds. You can save maps or load previous saved maps from a laptop by using the optional FC-Datalogit system. Basic programming can be done through the FC Commander keypad, while full programming and complete access is through the FC-Datalogit system. The Power FC makes an excellent system for a daily driven RX-7 or track car. Both Power FC and FC Commander include user manuals in English.

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