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Pre-Loaded Gas & Diesel Performance
Want MORE PERFORMANCE from your 1996 – 2012 General Motors Gas or Diesel vehicle?

We have a Wireless Smart Phone / Mobile Device for that!

From the factory, your vehicle’s computer is calibrated for the masses, designed with the average driver in mind, not the performance enthusiast. This not only leaves valuable Horsepower & Torque hidden inside your vehicle, but it also makes for a mediocre driving experience. The iTSX / TSX for Android System unlocks your vehicle’s hidden performance potential by wirelessly re-calibrating your vehicle’s computer for Maximum Horsepower & Torque, Increased Throttle Response, Firmer Shifts and even Increased Fuel Mileage.

Wireless Vehicle Tuning & Data Monitoring
The iTSX / TSX for Android App lets you control the vehicle-tuning and monitoring capabilities of the iTSX / TSX for Android App Wireless OBD-II Interface. The iTSX / TSX for Android App Wireless OBD-II Interface plugs into your vehicle’s OBD-II diagnostic connector, and communicates with your Apple or Android device via a secure Bluetooth wireless connection.

Built-In Performance Tests & Data Monitoring
– 0-60MPH Performance Test with Estimated HP & TQ – On-Screen Virtual Gauges with Adjustable Warning lights
– ET / MPH Performance Test with 1/8th & 1/4 mile – Monitor Vehicle Engine Data via Virtual Gauges
– Top Speed Performance Test – Huge Virtual Gauges on Tablets ( 9.5″ wide X 7.4″ tall )
– Braking Performance Test with 60-0MPH ET – Selectable Gauge Themes & Layouts

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